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Raclette – or "Bratchäs" as is it also known in Switzerland – is an internationally renowned and popular semi-hard Swiss cheese. It has been a firm favourite with the Swiss for many years. What was once regarded as a farmers' meal is now a firm staple in every home, particularly during the cold winter months.
The unique texture and unmistakable flavour of the warm, melted cheese has earned raclette a place in every Swiss heart and made it a national dish. Raclette used to be melted in front of an open fire, however nowadays it is mostly heated under an electric table-top grill and served with small waxy potatoes or bread. Raclette cheese originates from the Canton of Valais, however other parts of Switzerland such as the region surrounding Bern, central, eastern and western Switzerland, and the Canton of Graubünden now also specialize in the production of this tasty full-fat cheese. It's worth remembering that the rind on Swiss raclette cheese is also edible. To make sure that no one goes hungry during a large raclette meal, we recommend approx. 200 g of cheese and 200 g of potatoes or 4 slices of white or wholegrain bread per person.
Origin: Switzerland (Valais, Bern, Grisons)


Owing to the various age profiles, which range from 90 to 180 days, raclette comes in lots of different flavours:
Organic raclette cheese
Organic raclette cheese will bring a bit of warm mountain sunshine to your living room. The soft, creamy texture and slightly milky, fresh flavour of this cheese along with its slightly fruity note guarantee a delicious taste sensation. It is produced using organic raw milk from the region.
Valdor raclette
The milky, fresh and slightly floral Valdor raclette cheese has a smooth paste and a slightly fruity note. Valdor raclette cheese is ready for consumption after just 90 days.
Valdor Bagnes raclette
Just like the other Valdor raclette cheeses, Valdor Bagnes from the Valais is produced using top-quality raw milk from the region. This cheese has a long ripening period of up to 180 days, during which time it develops a distinctive aromatic flavour. It has a semi-firm texture.
Carré Surchoix raclette
If you would prefer a richer, more intense aroma, Carré Surchoix raclette is the perfect choice owing to its long ripening period of 150 days. The unique flavour combined with the excellent melting properties guarantee an unrivalled raclette experience.

Allergies / special diets

During the production of raclette, lactic acid bacteria converts all of the lactose into other substances within the first 24 hours, making raclette cheese lactose-free at the time of consumption and thus perfectly safe to eat. As no grain-based ingredients or agents are used in the production of this cheese, raclette is also 100 % gluten-free.

A versatile cheese

Raclette cheese can be enjoyed with potatoes or with bread as a cheese toastie, and is traditionally combined with a wide range of accompaniments such as gherkins, mushrooms, capers, silverskin onions, tinned sweetcorn and baby corn. For the creative among us, olives, avocado and freshly chopped herbs such as basil, rosemary and thyme add a wonderful touch.
Wine: Sauvignon Blanc
Bread: White or wholegrain bread