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Vacherin Fribourgeois, also known in German-speaking Switzerland as Freiburger Vacherin, is a full-fat semi-hard cheese made from thermized cow's milk. The story of this cheese begins some 600 years ago in the foothills of the Alps surrounding Fribourg. Back in the 15th century, this cheese was known as "kleinerer Käse" (younger cheese). Gruyère cheese – from the same region – was known as the "old cheese" on account of its longer ripening period. It is believed that the name "Vacherin" is derived from the word "vacher". This was the common term for young boys who helped herdsmen with their work.
Vacherin Fribourgeois EXTRA AOP is ready for consumption after approx. 12 weeks. It is a creamy cheese with small, pea-sized holes. Its strong, aromatic flavour makes it a popular choice for a delicious fondue. It is rarely found on cheeseboards – rather unfairly so, in our opinion.
Origin: Switzerland (Fribourg)


Vacherin Fribourgeois EXTRA AOP
This is a full-fat semi-hard cheese made from thermized cow's milk. It is produced in western Switzerland, predominantly in the Canton of Fribourg, and has a ripening period of around 12 weeks. The cheese has a smooth, creamy consistency and small, characteristic pea-sized holes. It smells fruity and aromatic, and has a light, spicy flavour.
Vacherin Fribourgeois BERG AOP
This cheese requires a slightly longer ripening period of between 9 and 25 weeks. After several months, it develops a creamy, aromatic depth. It makes an ideal dessert cheese and works exceptionally well with nuts, chestnuts and slices of apple.

Allergies / special diets

As it only contains small traces of lactose, Vacherin Fribourgeois is considered lactose-free.


The unique flavour of Vacherin lends itself to a combination of the following cheeses:
Cheese 1: Tête de Moine
Cheese 2: Organic Pfefferrahmkäse (cheese with added cream and pepper)
Cheese 3: Le Maréchal
Cheese 4: Gorgonzola
Wine: Abbaye de Mont Mont-sur-Rolle La Côte AOC
Bread: Semi-white bread
Accompaniments: Nuts, apples, chestnuts