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Summertime - and the living is cheesy

Cheese is not just a hearty, tasty treat reserved for cold winter evenings in the form of fondue or raclette – cheese can also be fresh and light, and bring a wonderfully refreshing taste to hot summer days.

The best cheese varieties for summer

In summer one's palate appreciates light, fresh food. This makes mild and aromatic soft cheese varieties a great choice for the warmer months. These include Brillat-Savarin, Tomme de Savoie, Reblochon and even semi-hard alpine cheeses seasoned with herbs and flowers. Served as an aperitif with a spritzy white wine, champagne or Prosecco, or as a snack with crunchy bread and fresh fruit; no one can resist the wonderfully refreshing taste of cheese in summer!

Perfect for summer picnics

The sunny, warm summer weather is perfect for going on walks, trips and hikes. And no rucksack or picnic basket is complete without cheese. Hard and semi-hard cheeses that don't melt or soften too quickly in warm temperatures are a particularly good match for sausage and bread while you're on the go.

A welcome guest at summertime get togethers

Whether you're hosting a garden party or a BBQ, salads are a must in summer! Cheese adds the perfect finishing touch to many popular summer salads. Cubes of Gruyère or Emmentaler will add a unique twist to a traditional Swiss sausage salad or transform a pasta salad into an irresistible treat. Even the American Caesar Salad isn't complete until it has been garnished with Sbrinz shavings. Tip for a special summer salad: Creamy, aromatic semi-hard cheese, such as Kaltbach Gruyère, is delicious served with fresh pomegranate seeds on a bed of rocket; and blue cheese such as Roquefort is the perfect match for a chicory salad!

Always a hit: cheese on the barbie

Grilled cheese is bang on trend. And it's no wonder! Grilled cheese is a delicious and healthy alternative to meat and sausage - and music to the ears of vegetarians in particular. Soft cheese varieties with a relatively firm consistency are particularly good for grilling. These include white mould cheeses such as Géramont and red smear-ripened cheeses, such as Saint Albray. However, in principle, any type of cheese can be grilled. Ideally the cheese should be placed in aluminium foil, which has been drizzled in advance with a little olive oil. It can then be left to melt in the foil alongside herbs such as rosemary or thyme. The cheese rind can also be eaten, as this gives the cheese added spice.

Summary: Cheese is the new star in the summer night sky

Whether eaten on the go, in a salad or at a BBQ, cheese is a must this summer! And if you're looking for something extra special, why not serve up a summer fondue or raclette in your garden or on the balcony one mild summer evening – after all, cheese can be eaten any time of the year!