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You, too, can make cheese

Everyone knows that cheese is made from milk. However, not many people know exactly how it is made and even fewer have tried making it themselves. So, it's high time you gave cheese-making a go – you'll be amazed at just how little time and effort it takes to make your own fresh cheese!

Here's what you need

To make a small ball of fresh cheese, all you need is half a litre of milk (3.5% fat) and the juice of half a lemon.

Here's how it works

Heat the milk to approx. 70°C and stir it, adding the lemon juice. Grains of curd will soon begin to form and separate from the milk/whey. Pour the entire mixture into a sieve lined with a cotton cloth or muslin ch eese cloth. The whey will drain through, leaving behind the fresh cheese. Finally, squeeze out the remaining whey by twisting the ends of the cloth. Et voilà – your fresh cheese is ready! You can spread it on fresh bread or season it with salt, pepper and herbs. Enjoy!

Summary: Everyone should have a go at making cheese once in their lifetime!

Only when you make something yourself can you understand how it works and appreciate it all the more! Making fresh cheese with children is one of the most impressive and informative culinary experiments you can do. It's something that they will remember for the rest of their life!