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Raclette done differently

As one of the most famous Swiss national dishes, raclette finds its way onto dinner tables across Switzerland every winter. The warm cheese warms not just the stomach, but the soul as well. The popular melted slices draw the whole family around the raclette grill.
The melted cheese is traditionally accompanied by potatoes cooked in their skins, pickled gherkins, various types of sausage and bacon. But there can be much more besides. The following ideas will give inquisitive raclette lovers an appetite that they can hopefully then sate with some warm, melted cheese.
Fresh and fruity
There are certainly people who have integrated apples or pears into their raclette menu. But more exotic fruits also go well with melted raclette cheese. With their fruity sweetness, pineapple, bananas, figs, melons and mangoes make for an exciting combination of flavours. Walnuts can be added as a finishing touch.
Alpine foodies would be envious
For a more hearty option, combine raclette with pasta. Alpine raclette replaces the cheese sauce with the melted cheese slices. Simply place the raclette over the precooked macaroni and garnish with roasted onions and bacon. Almost better than the original. You can of course serve the raclette with other types of pasta and add herbs, onions and spices to taste.
Veggie platter
Instead of placing sausages and bacon on the raclette grill, you can also choose a wide variety of vegetables for a variant that is richer in vitamins. Cut mushrooms, courgettes, peppers, aubergine and anything else you would wish to find on a vegetable skewer into slices or other pieces suitable for cooking and then arrange on the grill. Raclette can also be used to garnish precooked vegetables such as broccoli or cauliflower. Vegetarian, delicious and healthy.
Pizza di raclette
The perfect combination of Swiss and Italian cuisine. Roll out the pizza dough, arrange the raclette slices on top and place in the oven. Those wishing to turn it into a real pizza can add any pizza topping they choose, such as bacon, salami, tomatoes or mushrooms.
The raclette show
Those wishing to impress their guests and release their inner raclette gourmet can work on a block of raclette with the kitchen burner and place the melted cheese over the prepared potatoes, the vegetables and a nice piece of meat. To present the meal, heat the cheese on the sliced side and use the scraper to remove from the block over the plate – in front of your guests of course. The cheese can be served with pasta, meat, vegetables and much more besides.
To sum up: With a bit of creativity, raclette has something for everyone who likes cheese. The Swiss speciality is perfect for anyone who enjoys trying things out. Whether it be healthy, hearty, exotic or traditional raclette, it is a delight not to be missed, especially in the winter.