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Coop Milk Programme

With the launch of the Coop milk programme in August 2018, Coop increased the minimum requirements for the production of conventional milk. Farmers who implement the new requirements receive more money for the milk they produce.
Coop is making an important contribution with its milk programme and creating an incentive for more sustainable dairy farming in Switzerland. This benefits our customers, Swiss farmers and their cows in equal measure.

Reinforcing sustainable dairy farming

The basis for these new requirements are the three federal programmes for animal welfare:
  • ROEL (Regular Outdoor Exercise for Livestock) promotes pasture-based systems for dairy cows.
  • GMM (grassland-based milk and meat production) promotes natural, sustainable and location-based feeding
  • PAS (Particularly Animal-Friendly Stabling Systems) allows animals to move freely and be kept humanely in stables.
ROEL is an essential basic requirement of the Coop milk programme as well as one of the other two federal programmes, GMM or PAS. As such, the Coop milk programme is taking things a step further than the "Industry Standard for Sustainable Milk (swissmilk green)", which was launched in September 2019. Dairy farmers who follow the principles of ROEL and one of the other programmes will receive at least 1 cent more per litre in addition to the "swissmilk green" sustainability supplement. Anyone implementing all three programmes will receive at least 3 cents more.
On the one hand, the new standard improves the income of dairy farmers. And on the other, it guarantees cows more access to pasture and reduces the use of concentrated feed in favour of more local grass and hay.

Transparent and simple compensation

Coop uses monthly billing to check that the suppliers are correctly passing on the higher milk price to the dairy farmers. As part of the state programmes, the processors can in turn check whether the farmers are observing the requirements of the three federal programmes.
Products in the Coop milk programme are identified by an informative text box on the packaging. In the first year alone, more than 120 farms participated in the new programme. Others continue to follow suit.

Actions, not words: the milk programme

Under "Actions, not words", you can read about everything that Coop is doing to make Swiss dairy farming more sustainable. From real-time massages for organic cows to the current milk programme.

Products in the milk programme

These products are subject to the new standards for more sustainable milk production.