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How does it work?

You choose a box containing super-fresh fruit and vegetables from a sustainable Swiss farm – and we handle the rest. Your box will be delivered directly to your home.

Delicious organic fruit and vegetables included in a box, just for you.

We have put together several handy boxes of high-quality organic fruit and vegetables from Swiss farms.

Choose a box

Select one of our fruit and vegetable boxes and add it to your basket.

From the producer to your home

We deliver a box, of your choice, to your door with the rest of your shopping.

Your daily portion of fruit and vegetables

Our boxes give you the opportunity to discover new products and to creatively combine products you know already with the best seasonal berries, fruit and vegetables.

Your benefits

A healthy diet:
  • Your daily requirements of vitamins and fiber are delivered directly to your home or office
  • Natural weight control is aided by daily fruit consumption
  • "5 a day": Swiss health experts recommend five hands full of fruit and veggies a day
Environmentally friendly and sustainable:
  • 100% Naturaplan and Bio products
  • Less packaging
  • 100% recyclable packaging material
  • Seasonal products: for shorter transport and sustainable agriculture
Healthy, motivated co-workers:
  • Health-management by promoting balanced nutrition plans
  • Healthy snacks instead of junk food in your work place
  • Balanced nutrition encourages productivity and motivation

Our producers

We can guarantee organic quality and absolute freshness by working with the best partners. Get to know Terraviva.

Die Terraviva

Terraviva was established in 1946 and is now the Swiss organic fruit and vegetable producers association. Around 80 active producers of fruit and fresh or stored vegetables have come together to take responsibility for the marketing of their products. Terraviva's headquarters is in Kerzers in the Fribourg lake area of Switzerland. The producers are from across the entire country, from Lake Constance to Lake Geneva.

Terraviva's objective is to market its members' products - which are produced entirely in line with the Bio Suisse Bio-Knospe guidelines - as comprehensively as possible, thus providing customers with fresh, healthy and tasty organic produce. We consult with our producers and our customers in order to tailor the available produce as closely as possible to the demand. In order to offer a varied and complete range of produce, Terraviva also offers imported fruit and vegetables, certified according to the strict Bio-Knospe provisions, and they also works very closely with foreign producers to maintain their stringent standards.