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Naturaplan Demeter Organic Meat Packets

How does it work?

Our Demeter meat packets ensure that all the meat from a cow is used. Slaughtering on demand ensures less meat is wasted and results in more sustainable meat production.
Choose a packet

Choose a packet and confirm your delivery date. The slaughter cycle is approximately four weeks, and after the slaughter, the beef is aged for around three weeks.

The butcher will prepare your packet

The butcher vacuum-packs the meat cuts in two serving portions and then assembles your meat packet exclusively for you.

Delivery straight to your door

The Swiss Post delivers your meat packet directly to your home on your chosen delivery date.

The advantages of our Demeter meat packets

In conjunction with Demeter, Coop offers Naturaplan organic meat packets containing a wide range of different cuts. By ordering a meat packet, you are helping us use the entire cow and not just the prime cuts – we are working to achieve sustainable, appetizing meat production.Demeter farms are committed to humane animal husbandry. Demeter cows keep their horns, because horns are important for communication between the animals and because they aid in digestion. The animals are primarily fed on organic fodder produced on the farm and if they fall ill are treated with alternative medicine, whenever possible.

Your advantages

Animal welfare: The cows are kept according to the highest standards of animal welfare. For the first 4-5 months they are given fresh milk and live in a free-stall barn with outdoor access. After this initial period they are slowly weaned to more hay and grass and have daily access to the pasture in the summer.
Quality: Our meat is aged according to the highest level of quality standards so you can be assured that it will taste excellent.
Supreme organic standards: Our meat is 100% organic and, as a Naturaplan product, meets the strict Bio Suisse and Demeter guidelines.Supreme organic standards: Our meat is 100% organic and, as a Naturaplan product, meets the strict Bio Suisse and Demeter guidelines.
Transparency: You know exactly where your meat comes from.

Our partners

Sustainability is a top priority for us. For this reason we adhere to the stringent Demeter and Bio Suisse guidelines.

About Demeter

Demeter certification guarantees that products are produced according to organic agriculture guidelines and processed with great care, in line with these requirements. Animal husbandry plays a central role in the organic farm organism. Keeping cows produces exactly the right amount of dung to enrich agricultural land, while organic preparations and careful composting turn this dung into excellent fertilizer. Thus cows are kept not just for their milk or their meat, but primarily to improve the fertility of the soil.

Do you have any questions?

If you have any other questions about our Demeter meat packets or the order process, please have a look at our FAQs.