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More about fish

Fish fact sheets

Have you ever asked yourself how the squid from your fish counter was actually caught? Or pondered how to cook fresh salmon to perfection? Ever wondered which wine goes best with trout? Our fish fact sheets provide a whole host of interesting information on the fish and seafood in our extensive range. For each type of fish and crustacean, we have compiled a fact sheet outlining useful information on preparation methods, taste and texture, alternative types of fish and suitable wines.

Enjoying fish sustainably

The biodiversity and fish stocks of the world's seas and oceans are in great jeopardy. 90% of these stocks are already overfished or under threat. Coop is committed to preserving the fish stocks and biodiversity of our oceans. Together with WWF we are 100% committed to sustainable fish and seafood. Coop is committed to a sustainable value chain for fish and seafood. The WWF rates our entire fish range as recommended or acceptable.
Additionally, the three rules of the MSC label, namely the protection of fish stocks, minimal impact on the ecosystem, and responsible, effective management, are binding. When it comes to farmed fish, the ASC and Bio Suisse labels are paramount as they regulate environmental standards for farmed fish, among other things.

Fish and health

In recent years, fish consumption in Switzerland has increased year on year. There are various reasons for the growing popularity of fish, not least its health benefits: Fish and seafood contain many important nutrients, which the body can absorb relatively easily. The protein in fish is easy to digest, and the vitamins and minerals are also quickly absorbed and processed by the body. Many fish species are known for their high iodine content and unsaturated fatty acids. However, these vary from species to species so it's worth looking into in more detail.