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The barramundi (Latin: Lates calcarifer) is a predator and is part of the latidae family. It is found predominantly in the tropical waters of Australia.
Barramundi, called the "King of Fish" in Australia, is a highly prized fish and is considered one of the tastiest marine fish.
Barramundis can live in both saltwater and freshwater. They spend most of their time in rivers, swimming to their spawning ground then returning to the sea. All barramundis are male in the first few years of their life. At the age of around three years, they reach sexual maturity and in another one to two years, some of the fish change to the female gender (larger specimens in particular tend to make this natural gender switch).

Cooking methods

Barramundi fillets are excellent fried or grilled.
Due to its firm consistency, the flesh also lends itself well to dicing for use as an ingredient in exotic dishes, for example. The risk of the flesh falling apart is very small with this fish.

Flavour and texture

The low-fat, white flesh of the barramundi is succulent and tender after cooking, but retains its firm consistency. It is considered to have a very pure flavour.

Fishing method


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