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Perch (Latin: Perca fluviatilis) is a freshwater fish that is found throughout Europe.
Perch is a highly adaptable resident of stagnant and slow-flowing waters. Being relatively flexible, perch is almost always one of the first species of fish to colonize a new stretch of water.
Its typical features are its split dorsal fins and the attractive, reddish colour of its pectoral and ventral fins. Its greyish to olive-coloured body is covered in black stripes. The number of stripes varies between six and eight vertical stripes, depending on the age and size of the animal.
It has a maximum lifespan of around 12-14 years.

Cooking methods

The extremely tasty perch is one of Central Europe's most important edible freshwater fish, on account of its lean flesh that contains few bones. It is equally prized by anglers, chefs and consumers.
Perch fillets are suited to all cooking methods, in principle. The fillets are best fried skin side down in butter. It is also a culinary experience eaten on its own.
Perch fillets should not be prepared with strongly flavoured accompaniments, as these would overwhelm their unique taste. It is often served with a mildly seasoned mayonnaise dip and potatoes.

Flavour and texture

Perch is one of the most delicious freshwater fish.
Although it does have a few bones, they can easily be removed before or after cooking.
The white flesh of the perch is on the lean side and is firm, very low in fat and high in protein. It has a pleasant, distinctive flavour.

Fishing method

Breeding and drift net.

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