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Trout (Latin: Oncorhynchus mykiss) is one of the salmon-like fish. The three main species are lake, brown and rainbow trout.
The rainbow trout has a similar body shape to the brown trout. Its distinguishing feature is a wide, usually metallic red strip along the sides of its body. The head, body and fins are covered in dark spots.
Rainbow trout were originally saltwater fish but are now mostly bred in freshwater pools in Europe. They feed on insects, snails and worms and can reach an imposing length of 70 centimetres.

Cooking methods

Trout can be cooked almost any way you like.
The classics are undoubtedly the ever-popular smoked trout, the boiled trout as "trout au bleu" and the pan-fried "trout meunière". For the latter, the whole fish, with its skin, is coated in flour then fried in clarified butter until crisp. Finally, the dish is topped with a medium-sized knob of butter.
Trout can also be stuffed whole with herbs and slices of lemon then grilled or oven-baked.

Flavour and texture

The flesh of the trout is white to salmon-pink, depending on the variety. It is very tender and particularly flavoursome. Trout can be very easily boned, and the elastic "pin bones" along its back can also be safely eaten.
The fish's individual flavour greatly depends on the quality of the water in which it lives.

Fishing method


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