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Norway lobster

The Norway lobster is similar in appearance to the lobster, but much smaller and slimmer. Norway lobsters are found mostly at ocean depths of between 20 and 800 metres, in self-dug hollows. At night, they leave the protection of their homes and go on the hunt for food.
The females reach a maximum body size of 20 centimetres and the males are around 4 centimetres longer. The animals reach sexual maturity after 3 to 5 years. They only reproduce every two years, when the females carry up to 4 000 eggs beneath their tail.

Cooking methods

Norway lobster is, in many respects, a healthy treat: it is particularly low in fat and a rich source of protein. Doctors extol its high levels of the trace element zinc, which plays an important role in strengthening our immune system.
Norway lobster tastes exquisite boiled, fried or grilled. The carcasses, as they are called, are used in sauces, soups or for flavouring butter.
Norway lobster is extremely popular in dishes such as paella.

Flavour and texture

The flesh of the Norway lobster is pale and tender. Nonetheless, it has a firm structure and is not prone to disintegrating.
Flavour-wise, it has a delicate, slightly sweet note.

Fishing method

Bottom trawl net
A bottom trawl net is funnel-shaped with a bag at the end in which the fish or crustaceans are collected. On the bottom of the entrance to the net is a weighted footrope, which is pulled over the ocean floor and agitates the fish and crustaceans.

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