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Nile perch

Nile perch (Lates niloticus), sometimes called Victoria perch, is a predatory freshwater fish that is widespread in African freshwater lakes and rivers.
Nile perch grows up to two metres in length and weighs up to 200 kg, but its average length is around one metre. The females are usually larger than the males. Nile perch are grey in colour on top, with a blueish shimmer.
Rivers, lakes and irrigation channels are the Nile perch's natural habitat. Adult specimens live mostly in deeper waters, whereas the juveniles prefer shallow water. Nile perch swim in open water and feed mainly on smaller fish species.

Cooking methods

Their firm flesh makes Nile perch fillets great for frying or grilling.
Due to its firm structure, the flesh is often cubed. There is virtually no risk of the flesh disintegrating. It is a wonderful addition to exotic fish dishes.

Flavour and texture

The flesh of the Nile perch is firm, succulent and strong-tasting. It is usually white to pale red in colour, and its flavour is a little reminiscent of chicken.

Fishing method

Gill net
Gill nets are square nets hung vertically in the water. Rather than being enclosed within the gill net, the fish get their heads stuck when they try to swim through the mesh. When they swim backwards, their gills get stuck in the mesh.
Gill nets are simple, single nets with mesh tailored to the size of the target fish.

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