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Pangasius (Latin: Pangasianodon hypophthalmus) is a freshwater fish that colonizes all larger river systems in Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Traditionally, pangasius is fished but, due to high demand around the world, it is increasingly farmed in aquacultures in Southeast Asia.
The basic colour of pangasius is silvery pink, with a white belly. Its body is elongated and flattened on the sides. It has no scales.
Pangasius is not a fussy eater: it is equally happy to feed on algae, aquatic plants, plankton, molluscs, insects, small fish, crustaceans and even fruit.
One unusual feature of the pangasius is that, as well as gill breathing, it is able to take in air on the water's surface if the oxygen concentration of the surrounding water is too low.

Cooking methods

Pangasius is very easy to prepare, because it goes well with many different spices and is suited to almost all cooking methods, including poaching, frying, sautéing and grilling.
The flesh of the pangasius is a very popular ingredient of exotic dishes. Due to the firm structure of its flesh, it is also ideal for stir-fried dishes as the flesh barely disintegrates.

Flavour and texture

At our latitudes, most of the pangasius sold is low fat. This has a naturally mild unique flavour, so it goes exceptionally well with almost all seasonings.
As well as its succulent texture, pangasius is also prized for its mild flavour.

Fishing method


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