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Common pandora

The common pandora (Latin: Pagellus erythrinus) is an edible fish from the sea bream family, whose home is in the East Atlantic and the Mediterranean.
The common pandora has a longish body, flattened along the sides, and normally grows to a length of up to 30 centimetres. Its head has a large mouth stretching back to its eyes. The body is pale pink with a blue shimmer and blue spots along the top.
The fish live sociably in coastal areas on sandy ground and, in rare cases, above silt and rocks. They occupy water that is between 20 and 100 metres in depth.

Cooking methods

The common pandora is not dissimilar to gilthead sea bream in its cooking methods. It lends itself very well to grilling or oven roasting.
Common pandora is perfect in soups.

Flavour and texture

The flesh of the common pandora is white and contains little fat. It has a delicate flavour and is very tender. However, it does tend to dry out if cooked at too high a heat.
Common pandora enjoys an excellent reputation in Mediterranean cuisine.

Fishing method

Hooks and long lines
In long-line fishing, numerous bait hooks with branch lines are arranged along a plastic bottom set line. Long lines can be up to 130 kilometres long. However, the amount of bait and length of the line vary greatly.
Mackerel or squid are mainly used as bait. The targeted fish are mostly high-quality edible fish.
The advantages of this fishing method are the comparatively low rate of injury to the target fish compared with net fishing and the fact that the ocean floor is not damaged. The downside of this catch method is the relatively high bycatch rate.

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