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Lemon sole

True lemon sole (Latin: Microstomus kitt) is a right-eyed flatfish and a very high-quality edible fish. It has a broad oval body and small head with a small mouth opening. The colouring of its very smooth skin is reddish to yellow-brown on the top with brown marbling. It is white on the blind side.
The true lemon sole is found throughout the North-East Atlantic, living mainly on rocky beds at depths of 10 to 200 metres. Only juvenile fish live in coastal waters. The lemon sole's diet consists mainly of small invertebrates.

Cooking methods

With its delicate white flesh, the true lemon sole is a delicious culinary speciality and has always been prized as a valuable edible fish.
Lemon sole is particularly good fried or sautéed. To ensure they don't disintegrate, the fillets should only be turned once... and should not be seared for too long, otherwise the flesh will become dry.

Flavour and texture

True lemon sole has white, firm and particularly soft flesh, with a flavour that is both very delicate yet intense.

Fishing method

Beam trawl
Beam trawls are special sack-like bottom trawl nets, used especially to catch flatfish such as sole.
The net opening on a beam trawl is kept open with a horizontal bar and glides on runners over the seabed. Between the runners are hung iron chains, which flush out the fish living on the seabed and drive them into the net.

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