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Char (Latin: Salvelinus fontinalis) belongs – like salmon and trout – to the Salmonidae family. Its body is streamlined, with slightly flattened sides and many small scales. Its wide mouth opening displays powerful teeth. Between the dorsal and tail fin is an "adipose fin", like that found on salmon.
The char family contains an exceptionally large number of individual species – far more than other Salmonidae families. As juveniles, char swim in shoals, but later on they swim alone.
Char can be found right across the northern hemisphere. They are very fussy about water quality: it must be cold, oxygen-rich and very clean. They are found mainly in coastal waters and in the tributaries to the Arctic Ocean.

Cooking methods

Char lends itself exceptionally well to smoking. Smoked char is considered a delicacy. As well as smoking, char is good for frying, grilling or poaching.
It is exquisite when sautéed with subtle, sophisticated sauces or fried in butter. When preparing char, it is important not to overwhelm its delicate flavour with excessive seasoning or over-frying.

Flavour and texture

Char is firm-fleshed, salmon-pink in colour and has a distinctive, slightly mineral taste.

Fishing method


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