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Coalfish (latin: Pollachius virens) belongs to the cod family. Fishermen usually call the coalfish by ist zoological name "pollack".
Coalfish are typical schooling fish and live in the cold, moderate sea regions of the North Atlantic Ocean in Iceland and Norway, even in the wide waters around Great Britain. It's mainly found close to the ocean floor but also free swimming in concentric water layers. Their bodies are long and dark coloured. Their back is almost black and shines a dark olive green colour.
The coalfish is a carnivore and its nutrition consists mainly of herring and sprats. Coalfish are very persistent hunters, following their prey over long distances - sometimes all the way to the beach.

Cooking methods

Coalfish fillets are perfect for baking or frying. To prepare the fish whole, fire proof steaming or cooking works very well. Coalfish fillets are also great for grilling, good for fish brochettes, goulash and fish burgers because its meat is firm and doesn't break apart easily.

Flavour and texture

The coalfish is the most popular edible fish. Its remarkably firm meat has a very strong, nippy flavour.

Fishing method

Hooks and long lines
In long-line fishing, numerous bait hooks with branch lines are arranged along a plastic bottom set line. Long lines can be up to 130 kilometres long. However, the amount of bait and length of the line vary greatly.
Mackerel or squid are mainly used as bait. The targeted fish are mostly high-quality edible fish.
The advantages of this fishing method are the comparatively low rate of injury to the target fish compared with net fishing and the fact that the ocean floor is not damaged. The downside of this catch method is the relatively high bycatch rate.

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