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Sole (Latina: Solea solea) belongs to the fluke subgroup and is one of the most gallant and expensive fish. Found in the North Sea, the English channel, the Mediterranean Sea, and also along the coast of the East Atlantic.
Sole has an oval, elongated body with a rounded head. Its upper half is grey-brown, almost red with blurred dark spots. The under side of its body is light grey to white. Their lifestyle is typical of groundfish. They are mavericks, burying themselves in the ocean floor during the day and hunting at night. Sole's main food source is clams with thin shells, small crustaceans and the occasional smaller fish.
The sole is a gifted impersonator: To protect itself it imitates a male peter fish, an extremely venomous fish, that is avoided by other marine animals.

Cooking methods

Sole can be poached, roasted, steamed and fried. It can be baked whole in the oven or prepared in a pan, thanks to its moderate size.
Most popularly served panfried with a small piece of butter melted on top and seasoned with salt and pepper. Capers and lemon juice can be added and the dish served with a side of salted potatoes and a salad.
Sole fillet rolls can be stuffed and are best when poached.

Flavour and texture

The sole is a precious and exclusive fish with firm meat as white as snow. It is very tender and has a nutty, lovely, discretely tangy taste.

Fishing method

Trammel nets
Trammel nets are similar to gill nets and are used to catch fish who live close to the ocean floor. They consist of three nets, installed vertically down to the ocean floor. The outer nets have bigger mesh openings and in the center there is a smaller mess net, where the fish get trapped. It is attached to a cork rope with swimmers at the top, that is weighed down at the bottom.

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