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Turbot (latin: Psetta maxima) belongs to the fluke family. The underside is white, while the top takes on the colour of it's environment. It is scaleless but covered in pebble like bone bumps that complete its camouflage perfectely.
The turbot is a type of ground fish, mainly found close to the ocean floor. Especially comfortable in moderate, cool, relatively shallow waters. They prefer to live 20 to 70 meters beneath the surface and burry themselves in gravelly or mixed sand.
Turbots mainly feed on smaller ground fish, like sandeels as well as crustacians and clams.

Cooking methods

Preparing turbot whole in the oven is the tastiest way to serve it. A little tip about that - if the fish is too big to fit in the oven, its head can be removed and its edging cut off with poultry scissors. It also works to part the fish lengthwise along its central bone and place it on a lower baking tray.
Turbot fillets are also well suited for poaching or frying.
Plain turbot tastes very good but it can also be seasoned with herbes and oven baked, then topped with a delicious sauce.

Flavour and texture

Turbot meat is white and firm. Its taste is very distinctive and slightly nutty.

Fishing method


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