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Whitefish (Latin: Coregonus) is a tasty edible fish found in large quantities in Lake Constance.
Whitefish are characterized by their glossy silver, elongated and flattened body. Whitefish have a pointed, conical head and a deeply notched tail fin.
On average, whitefish reach a size of 25-50 cm. In lakes that are very rich in nutrients, larger specimens do occur, depending on the subspecies.

Cooking methods

Whitefish lends itself exceptionally well to smoking.
It can also be fried, deep-fried or grilled whole, cooked "au bleu", or prepared "meunière" style.

Flavour and texture

Whitefish has tasty white flesh, although it is a little flaky and quickly dries out if overcooked.

Fishing method

Gill net
Gill nets are square nets hung vertically in the water. Rather than being enclosed within the gill net, the fish get their heads stuck when they try to swim through the mesh. When they swim backwards, their gills get stuck in the mesh.
Gill nets are simple, single nets with mesh tailored to the size of the target fish.

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