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Wolffish (latin: Dicentrarchus labrax) are most frequently found in the East Atlantic Ocean south of the British Isles. Their body is long and elegant with shiny silver scales. Wolffish are easily distinguished by a prominent black spot on their gills.
Wolffish are voracious predators that roam the waters in small schools off cliff coasts and the openings of big rivers. In winter they retreat to deeper waters. Wolffish primarily prey on other fish, their main food source are small herring and swarms of fish.

Cooking methods

Wolffish can be prepared whole, oven baked and served on a bed of vegetables, for example. Especially popular in recipes baked whole in a salt crust.
Wolffish fillets are also delicious, if fried or grilled this is best done so on the side that is freed from scales.

Flavour and texture

Wolffish meat is white, small fibered and firm, with a very delicate, aromatic taste, smelling slightly of the sea.

Fishing method

Hooks and long lines or breeding
In long-line fishing, numerous bait hooks with branch lines are arranged along a plastic bottom set line. Long lines can be up to 130 kilometres long. However, the amount of bait and length of the line vary greatly.
Mackerel or squid are mainly used as bait. The targeted fish are mostly high-quality edible fish.
The advantages of this fishing method are the comparatively low rate of injury to the target fish compared with net fishing and the fact that the ocean floor is not damaged. The downside of this catch method is the relatively high bycatch rate.

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