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Pike perch

Pike perch (latin: Sander lucioperca) belongs to the perch family and is the largest species of perch living in European fresh water. Big lakes and rivers in Eastern and Continental Europe where its original habitat. They can now be found in most parts of the USA. Pike perch favour especially deeper parts of still or moving bodies of water, as they require more oxygenated water.
The pike perch is fast. They prefer to hunt smelt, but crabs and other small sea creatures also make up their diet. Their exceptional appetit make them very fast-growing fish.
The back of the pike perch is grey-green with multiple dark vertical rings. Its belly is white, but the male's darkens during the spawning period. The pike perch hunts at the surface of the water in the morning and evening, staying well hidden on the ocean floor when not looking for prey.

Cooking methods

Pike perch fillets are best when fried or grilled on the skin side. Because it's very bony, its meat is often used as a filling.

Flavour and texture

The pike perch is a lean fish and its meat is tender, but very firm, with a very discrete taste.

Fishing method

Gill net
Gill nets are square nets hung vertically in the water. Rather than being enclosed within the gill net, the fish get their heads stuck when they try to swim through the mesh. When they swim backwards, their gills get stuck in the mesh.
Gill nets are simple, single nets with mesh tailored to the size of the target fish.

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