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Coop Mobile 15 cents-Package

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To load your call credit to your mobile phone, you will receive a confidential code and loading instructions immediately after you send your order. The confidential code and loading instructions will be sent to your e-mail address at the same time.

You  should activate your call credit as soon as possible or keep your confidential  code safe and ensure that it is not misused by a third party. The confidential  code can only be used once. No exchanges or refunds are possible.

For your 15 francs, you receive 100 units worth 15  centimes each that can be used for calls and/or SMS and/or MMS. One minute  of calls therefore costs 15 centimes. Calls with Coop Mobile normally cost 29  centimes per minute. You thus make a considerable saving if you buy the package.  And even more importantly:  you never lose these units. The package retains the last unit until it is used.

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Verwendung nur mit einer SimplyMobile SIM-Karte möglich
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