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There's nothing better for your teeth

Thanks to effective technology, research and close collaboration with dentists, the team at elmex® know what our teeth need and have created products that help us improve our dental health on a daily basis. So we can all be sure we're doing our best to combat caries, sensitive teeth and worn enamel.

Why elmex®?

No. 1 recommended by dentists
elmex® offers a range of effective products for both adults and children that have been developed to meet their respective needs. The products in the range work together perfectly, each reinforcing the effect of the other. Researchers at elmex® have developed the products in close collaboration with dental medicine experts. Both the effectiveness of the individual ingredients and the product benefits have been scientifically proven. elmex® is the no. 1 product recommended by Swiss dentists.

elmex® CARIES PROTECTION – for effective caries protection

Caries don't just happen overnight. They develop over a long period of time and can affect all age groups. Caries are significantly impacted by eating habits, namely what we eat and how often, how well we care for our teeth after eating, and whether or not we use toothpaste that contains fluoride. A genetic predisposition to developing caries also plays a role. The elmex® toothpastes, mouthwashes and elmex® gel for use once per week contain powerful ingredients that remineralize the teeth and provide effective caries protection.

elmex® SENSITIVE – care for sensitive teeth

What's it like not having sensitive teeth? We think that no-one should go through life with sensitive teeth, worrying about when the pain might flare up again. elmex® knows there is a better way. Thanks to our exceptional research and close collaboration with dentists, we can offer immediate and lasting pain relief. Join us in saying No to sensitive teeth!

elmex® Optinamel – for optimal enamel protection

Did you know that tooth enamel can't regrow? Once it's gone, it's gone forever. elmex® Opti-namel helps minimize enamel loss to keep your teeth healthy. Its micro-sealing technology creates a protective layer that protects your tooth enamel against acid erosion. You can be sure your tooth enamel will be protected, even when you consume juice, fruit and other acidic food and drink – healthy teeth for life.

elmex® products for children's teeth

Children's mouths and teeth go through constant changes as they develop. And at each stage of development, specific oral care products are needed. elmex® has the right toothpaste for children of all ages. Children's toothpastes are divided into infant and junior categories. For baby's first teeth up to the age of 6, elmex® toothpaste for children is the perfect way of helping children to develop good, regular brushing habits. Once they are 6, children can move onto elmex® Junior toothpaste for children aged 6 to 12 years.

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