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Good overall health starts with healthy gums

80% of the population has problems with their gums. Regular plaque prevention protects your gums from disease. A healthy mouth usually contains between 400 and 1000 different strains of bacteria, most of which live in a complex balance in dental plaque.
Gum problems (gingivitis or periodontitis) develop when this balance is destroyed by bad oral hygiene. The cause of gum problems is always the accumulation of bacteria in plaque. If this plaque is not regularly removed as part of an oral care routine while it is still soft, a build-up of minerals makes it hard: it turns into tartar.

What are the signs of gum disease?

How to recognize gum inflammation.
Gum disease is a gradual process. If you spot the symptoms early enough there is time to act. Gum infection has different phases. In addition to any bleeding from the gums, you should take these signs seriously: bad breath, changes to the position of teeth, teeth feeling loose or appearing longer, or occasional tension in the affected area.
If inflammation of the gum line isn't treated in time it can spread to the periodontium, the structures which support the teeth, and ultimately lead to tooth loss.

The meridol® range offers a complete care solution

Whether you need daily all-round care products for your teeth and gums, daily gum protection or extra protection due to significant gum problems: meridol® has a complete care solution for you.
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