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Sustainability at Halba

Sustainability at Halba: CO2-neutral


Cocoa thrives in a biodiverse, species-rich environment. Unfortunately, however, many corporate programmes rely on monocultures designed to maximize short-term revenue by using lots of chemicals. We don’t think this way. We have a long-term vision. By establishing individual growing projects geared towards mixed forest systems, we are supporting biodiversity and giving the cocoa exactly what it needs. In addition, we absorb more CO2 through cocoa production than is emitted in the manufacturing process through to the finished chocolate. A positive cycle that benefits everyone.
Sustainability at Halba: fair


When you think long term, fairness is the only way. For us, therefore, Fairtrade is more than just a label, it’s a firmly established fundamental approach. 100% of our cocoa and cocoa products are purchased fairly, in accordance with Fairtrade guidelines. What’s more, together with the producers and Max Havelaar, we have calculated and implemented fair cocoa prices. These are way above the painfully low exchange price or minimum prices of other labels. As a result, the prices paid to our partner cooperatives are – at a minimum – enough to safeguard their livelihoods.
Sustainability at Halba: direct


We are committed to our products and therefore also want to know where the raw materials come from. This is only possible through direct contact with the production sites and direct, long-term sourcing. We know our cooperatives and farmers in Ghana and Ecuador. Taking responsibility means keeping an eye on what’s going on there and addressing local challenges together with the producers. This is also how our projects come about – for example, promoting biodiversity.