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MEZEAST: A culinary journey to the Middle East

Join us as we explore Middle Eastern cuisine in all its diversity. Experience the lavish food culture of the Middle East complete with exotic aromas, authentic flavours and unique dishes. Quick and easy to prepare, perfect for sharing with friends and family – welcome to the world of MEZEAST.

Our story

MEZEAST (pronounced Mez-iest) was born out of our passion for Middle Eastern cuisine. We have been enthusiastic about culinary experiences from this region for over 80 years and simply can't get enough of them. We're crazy about every single spice, every dish and every local speciality, and we want to share our enthusiasm with the whole world. Our journey begins here and we'd love for you to join us.

Good to know

Homemade hummus with crackers and vegetable sticks

Where does hummus actually come from?

Did you know that hummus is the Arabic word for chickpeas? They are a key store cupboard ingredient throughout the Middle East and so many countries have tried to claim this delicacy as their own invention. The likelihood is that hummus was first made in Damascus. This assumption is not based on the recipe itself but on the red clay bowl in which hummus was originally served.
Cooking chicken shawarma in a frying pan

What actually is chicken shawarma?

Shawarma is an Arabic word derived from the Turkish word "çevirme" and means "to turn". This dish originates from the Ottoman Empire and is now a staple in various Middle Eastern countries, from Turkey to Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. Traditionally, the meat (lamb, chicken or beef) is aromatically seasoned and then grilled slowly on a rotating spit.