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The OLD EL PASO™ brand

Mexican cuisine offers the perfect opportunity to get together with friends and family, enjoy good food and have a lovely time in a relaxed environment. And this is what the Old El Paso™ brand is all about.

Our products

No mess Mex takes off

From now on, there’ll be no mess with Old El Paso™! The new tortilla with a practical base takes eating fajitas to a new level. The pocket can be filled quickly with the ingredients, without having to skimp. The closed base means that nothing leaks out while eating. A perfect mouth-landing every time!
As the tortilla pockets are already pre-shaped, the ingredients are not rolled in, as usual, but filled in a number of ways: either the desired ingredients can be layered or the meat, vegetables and toppings can be combined first and then filled into the pocket. Both options are very easy and suitable for the whole family. But Fajita Friday is not the only day to serve these tortilla pockets. Whether for breakfast, lunch or to go, these tortillas are always great and make any meal a mess-free fiesta.

What is needed for a Mexican meal?


"Friday is fajita day" and this is something to be celebrated – ideally with the whole family. To get the weekend off to the perfect start, you need food that everyone will enjoy. Lightly seasoned, fresh ingredients, all rolled up quickly into delicious Old El Paso™ tortillas – what more could you want? Simply throw in some tortilla chips and a selection of dips. The food is eaten by hand, so you don't even need to get the knives and forks out of the drawer. Old El Paso™'s Stand n Stuff tortillas are ideal for kids. They can be filled with tasty ingredients in no time at all. So even your little ones are catered for. Dessert is often just as important as the main course, so why not fill the tortillas with fruit, mascarpone or ice cream. Mexican delicacies are popular with young and old alike. And good vibes are guaranteed when everyone comes together around the table. So be sure to make some noise as you eat, laugh and chat together.


Gluten-free products that don't compromise on flavour or quality. The tortilla chips are as crispy as they come. The smooth texture of the tortillas means that they can be rolled up perfectly without tearing. The seasoning mix and gluten-free fajita kit complete the gluten-free range.

Our products

Various components help make up the perfect fajita Friday:

1. Tortillas

Old El Paso™ offers a number of different options that will capture the hearts of fajita lovers everywhere. From tortilla boats to classic flour tortillas to wholegrain and gluten-free – there's something for everyone.

2. Salsas

Great as dips, toppings or for adding flavour – the Old El Paso™ salsas will go with any Mexican meal. The little chillies on the packaging represent the degree of heat – from mild to hot.

3. Spices

Whether you're eating tacos, fajitas, crispy chicken or guacamole, the Old El Paso™'s Mexican spice mixes will give your dish an authentic flavour.

4. Tortilla chips

Old El Paso™ tortilla chips are extra crispy and come in all kinds of shapes and flavours. They are ideal as a snack between meals, for dipping or served as a plate of nachos. What's more, the unique shape of tortilla bowls has revolutionized the way we eat tortilla chips. Thanks to the bowls, dipping has never been easier. The little bowls are also great served as a starter with creative fillings.

5. Kits

The practical kit means that you have all the ingredients you need to hand. Only the fresh products need to be bought separately. And there you have it – a delicious Mexican experience! You can choose from crispy chicken or smoky BBQ. There is now also a gluten-free kit.

Tipps und hacks

The history of Old El Paso™

It all started in 1917 when the Powell family founded the Mountain Pass Canning Company in New Mexico in order to produce beans and canned chilli. In 1920, the family opened another factory in the town of El Paso, Texas, where they produced canned tomatoes and other items. The name Old El Paso™ was not registered as a brand until 18 years later. Today, Old El Paso™ is one of the global market leaders for Mexican food, including in the US, Australia, Canada, the UK and France. Old El Paso has had a presence in Germany and Switzerland for decades and belongs to the American food producer General Mills. The recipes are inspired by original Mexican recipes.