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Welcome to THOMY –
let's get grilling!

We can help you create a fantastic and delicious BBQ with our fine sauces, dressings, tips and tricks and exciting recipes. You probably already know of the THOMY brand, but have you tried our latest barbecue sauces?

Mayonnaise – the classic sauce, in THOMY quality
THOMY Mayonnaise & mayo sauces

What's in them? Only the best ingredients, of course. And we've invented a few new things in the process. Naturally, you can't go without the classic: it's just not a BBQ without Mayonnaise à la Française! And it's available in different varieties. THOMY mayonnaise comes in light and extra-light versions for conscious connoisseurs, and vegans can enjoy our new Veggynaise.

Mustard – a true classic in THOMY quality
THOMY You mustard-mit, it's a treat for your taste buds

Whether with cervelat sausage, hotdogs or wraps – are you looking for the flavour of those little yellow seeds for your favourite dishes? If so, we have something special for you, because THOMY mustard is anything but ordinary. From mild to hot, from smooth to coarse – for generations, we've been making taste buds tingle. Our products really cut the mustard!