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From BBQ master to BBQ god

BBQ sauces belong to a barbecue as much as charcoal and lighters! We'll help you find your personal favourites.

Sauces for vegetarians, vegans & meat lovers

Whether fish, meat, poultry or vegetarian food – THOMY's exciting BBQ sauces turn any barbecued food from «unparalleled» to «unbeatable». Whether with a smoky flavour, herb seasoning, an exotic note or delicious spiciness: this new and exciting range gives barbecued meat and vegetables a whole new level of flavour. Discover the diversity of THOMY barbecue products. The season has begun!
THOMY street food sauces

Street food sauces

Bring the flavours of the street into your home! Our four new sauces will add authentic flavours to your favourite street food dishes – in exactly the right quantities. Try them out and turn your kitchen into a trendy street food spot.
The vegan sauces in THOMY's range

THOMY vegan sauces

Do you prefer your barbecue without the meat? If so, we have the perfect sauces for you: 100% vegan and specially developed for meat alternatives. Finish off veggie burgers, sandwiches and other snacks with perfectly matched sauces and discover gourmet enjoyment without meat.
THOMY sauces in practical squeezy bottles.

These sauces are sure-fire crowd pleasers

They've been barbecue classics for generations, and everyone has their personal favourites. From garlic, curry and chilli, to cocktail and hotdog, through to tartare sauce – there's something for everyone and, thanks to the practical squeezy bottle, you always get the right amount.
Pep up your meals with THOMY mustards.

Mouthwatering mustards

Convinced that mustard is indispensable for many dishes and should always be on the table? Then get your taste buds tingling with THOMY's varied range of mustards: from mild to hot, coarse to smooth, we've got them all.
In the THOMY range: Mustard sauce with honey
THOMY Honey & mustard sauce

Whether with grilled vegetables, fish or salad – our honey & mustard sauce is a real all-rounder. This sweet, slightly spicy and creamy sauce will be a real hit at your barbecue.

In the THOMY range: Chilli sauce with jalapeños
THOMY Chilli with jalapeños

Here's some good news if your palate isn't yet used to spicy food: you can train yourself to tolerate it! And we can help, because our chilli sauce is the perfect sparring partner for steaks and barbecued sausages. So, can you handle a little more spice?

In the THOMY range: BBQ sauce with brandy note
THOMY BBQ with brandy note

Fun fact first: the word barbecue comes from the South American Spanish word «barbacoa», which refers to a wooden frame on which meat was cooked over an open fire. But enough theory – in practice, our BBQ sauce gives burgers and steaks a smoky note that'll have you exclaiming «que rico!» even if you don't speak Spanish.

In the THOMY range: sweet & sour sauce with sweet pepper
THOMY Sweet & Sour with pepper

It seems obvious where this sweet & sour sauce gets its name from. But you'd be wrong: to begin with, everyone is really sweet when they're after an invitation to your barbecue. But if you run out of THOMY sauce because it's such a delicious dip, your guests will soon be in a sour mood. Sounds silly, and it is.