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Gourmet and plant-based too:
THOMY vegan sauces

Vegan? We can! Treat yourself to a taste sensation – with THOMY vegan sauces. For a saucier life. Every day.
THOMY vegan sauce: tartare

Tadaaa: Tartare!

For egg-free delights – the new, creamy vegan tartare sauce from THOMY is perfect for tasty sandwiches and dips. The finest crunchy gherkins take the flavour to the next level. Simply vegan-tastic!
THOMY vegan sauce: Veggynaise

Vegan mayo? Of course!

Veggynaise offers the authentic flavour of the well-loved THOMY Mayonnaise à la Française but without any ingredients of animal origin. Say goodbye to eggs and hello to vegan mayo!
THOMY vegan sauce: burger sauce

Go crazy for burgers!

These ingredients are made for each other – and THOMY sauce brings them together. Sunflower oil, tomatoes, mustard and spices will add a very special touch to your burger.
THOMY vegan sauce: THOMY Vegan

Vegan sauce – so tasty!

You won't believe it's vegan – with zero animal products and a dash of lemon! THOMY vegan sauce adds a special twist to sandwiches, burgers, fries and veggie nuggets.