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Preserving vitamins and minerals during cooking: here's how!

Vitamins are very sensitive and are easily destroyed by various influences, such as heat, light and oxygen. Plus, when boiled for a long time, water-soluble vitamins and minerals leach into the cooking water.
Woman cuts red cabbage for nutritional preparation
To preserve minerals and vitamins when cooking your food, you should always follow these tips:
  • Only cook fruit and vegetables shortly before consuming them.
  • Only briefly wash fruit and vegetables in running water.
  • Don't cut fruit and vegetables until you have washed them.
  • Only peel vegetables and fruit when necessary, or peel them very thinly. This is because most of the nutrients are often just beneath the skin.
  • Cook vegetables for as short a time as possible. Serve them "al dente".
  • Cook gently: steam in a steamer or in a strainer insert, sauté in a little oil and, if necessary, with a splash of liquid.
As well as cooking gently to preserve nutrients, how you store fruit and vegetables is also crucial. Storing them for too long, or incorrectly, can destroy vitamins. Find out more in our article on "Storing food correctly".