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Download our brochures as PDFs here or order them online. Enter the number of copies you wish to receive in the space provided. Please note that we only deliver brochures within Switzerland.

"No leftovers!" poster

Format: 29.7 x 42 cm
The "No leftovers!" poster provides valuable everyday tips on how to prevent food waste.
You will find tips on how to store food properly and which foods are suitable for freezing. We also provide creative ideas for using leftovers.
You can also find out how long which foods remain edible beyond the best-before date.

Cooking and baking with food intolerances

The Free From brochure provides useful information on lactose intolerance and celiac disease and offers ideas for suitable recipes. It also explains Coop's handy labelling system, which helps you to recognize gluten-free and lactose-free products and other allergens at a glance.

Vegan – made easy

A vegan diet avoids all foods of animal origin. The new leaflet “Vegan – made easy” provides useful tips on how to achieve a balanced vegan diet, and it also includes a tasty recipe. Once read, the leaflet serves as a poster showing key facts at a glance.

Healthy eating with the food pyramid

Format: pyramid shape, foldable. Height 21 cm, width 24 cm
This brochure in the shape of a pyramid introduces the key principles of a balanced diet in a simple way. It clearly illustrates how much of each food group we should eat to maintain a healthy diet.
An ideal sample menu and an example of balanced meals for one day complete the brochure.

Swiss seasonal calendar for fruit and vegetables

Format: 14.8 x 63 cm
The new Swiss seasonal calendar for fruit and vegetables shows you at a glance when which fruit and vegetables are in season in Switzerland. The calendar also includes interesting information about Naturaplan, ProSpecieRara, Hochstamm Suisse, Miini Region, Ünique and Max Havelaar.

Fresh – How to make food keep longer

Format: 15.2 x 22 cm
Our brochure on the safe use of food lays out the key principles of food storage and hygiene in the kitchen. You will also learn helpful tips on how to keep food fresh for as long as possible.
This brochure is no longer available in printed form. You can download the PDF.