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Are peanuts unhealthy?

Especially during the Christmas season, you can hardly miss peanuts. They are often eaten with a guilty conscience. But is that justified? We got to the bottom of the matter.
Peanuts and mandarins
Botanically speaking, peanuts are not nuts, but legumes. Nevertheless, they are very similar to nuts in terms of their nutritional value. They contain around 50 per cent fat, lots of dietary fibre (9 grams) and protein (26 grams). Especially for people on a vegan diet, nuts and pulses are valuable sources of protein.
Contrary to popular belief, peanuts do not only contain saturated fatty acids. Around 80 per cent of the fats they contain are unsaturated fatty acids. These can help maintain normal blood cholesterol levels.
In addition, there is a long list of vitamins and minerals in peanuts. Particularly noteworthy is their high vitamin E, folic acid and magnesium content.
Therefore: peanuts are high in calories, but also in valuable nutrients. Unsalted peanuts can be nibbled with a clear conscience. If you keep an eye on the quantity, eat some fruit and alternate with other nuts, you are doing everything right.

Susanne Stephan


Susanne Stephan
BSc in Nutrition and Dietetics