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Buy high-protein products at Coop

There are different reasons for requiring a high-protein diet. Coop stocks a wide range of protein-rich products – of both animal and plant origin.

They are either:
  • naturally high in protein,
  • fortified with protein, or
  • especially protein-rich due to the way they are produced.

What is special about high-protein foods?

High-protein products are often labelled as such. For a food to be labelled "high-protein" or "rich in protein", it must fulfil the following criteria:
  • At least 20 per cent of the energy it contains must come from protein.
  • The claim cannot be applied where it is self-evident that a product is high-protein: products such as unprocessed meat or eggs may not be labelled "high-protein", even though they contain much more than 20 per cent energy from protein.
  • In the case of processed products that are intrinsically protein-rich, such as dairy products or sausages, the following applies: high-protein products contain at least 30 per cent more protein than comparable products


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