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Food intolerance: helpful tips for everyday family life

If one member of a family has a food intolerance, all members are affected – especially when cooking and eating together. Eating with an intolerance is much easier within your own four walls than out and about, because you can consciously avoid certain foods when doing your own shopping or cooking.

When you are out and about, at events, at parties, at school or on a trip, good planning is important. Together with the aha! Swiss Allergy Centre, we have put together some helpful tips to help you best prepare for your leisure activities.

Visiting friends

Two families sit outside around a table full of food.
Food tastes best in good company, even if you have a food intolerance such as lactose intolerance or coeliac disease. Talk to your hosts in advance about the foods you are unable to tolerate. You can also offer to bring something to eat yourself.
Make culinary preparations easier for you and your hosts with these and other practical tips for gatherings and parties.

At school and summer camp

Children sit in a row on a bench and drink juice from glasses using straws.
Birthday parties, school trips and summer camps are highlights of every child's life. But if your child has to follow a strict gluten-free diet, for example, it is important to notify all of the affected people in your child's environment in advance. We will give you creative recipe ideas for snacks and meals.
Thanks to these tried and tested tips, preparation will be child's play for teachers and supervisors – as well as for yourself.

At restaurants and hotels

A girl sits with her father at a snack stand and eats fast food.
Would you like to go out for a nice meal together as a family, or have you already planned your next family holiday? With these tips for holidays and restaurant visits, there is no need to worry – despite having a food intolerance. The golden rule: check with the restaurant, hotel or airline in advance as to whether they offer food you are able to tolerate.

Safe snacks while on the move

Smiling girl holds sandwich she made herself.
If you don't have time to find out in advance about the culinary circumstances at your destination: small snacks for on the move are reliable, everyday companions. For kindergarten or school in particular, it is a good idea to always give your child a snack box to take with them.
The whole family is sure to enjoy these delicious recipes for snacks.

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