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How to eat less sugar in everyday life

Our perception of sweetness is a matter of habit. If you reduce your sugar consumption slowly, you gradually get used to it. After a few weeks, foods that you currently don't find sweet enough will taste sweet to you. We will show you which foods you can switch in order to consume less sugar in everyday life.

Consume less sugar with selected foods

Three chilled sparkling juice drinks in jugs with fruit
We get around half of the sugar we consume from sweets. You can go a long way towards achieving your goal of eating less sugar if you just eat one small sweet thing a day. For example, one portion is equivalent to one row of chocolate, 20 grams of chocolate spread or 3 to 4 biscuits. Beverages also contribute significantly to our sugar consumption. People in Switzerland get around 40 per cent of their sugar from soft drinks. It's therefore worth primarily choosing drinks with little to no sugar content. To gradually get used to a less sweet taste, you can mix soft drinks with water.
For most high-sugar foods, you can get alternatives with less sugar. Here are our tips:
Reducing sugar
Soft drinks
Home-made iced tea: Prepare 1 litre of your favourite tea, add the juice of one lemon and sweeten to taste with 1 teaspoon of honey if you wish. Leave to chill in the refrigerator and serve with ice cubes.
Infused water: Put your choice of fresh or frozen berries, chopped fruit, orange slices or fresh herbs in a jug of water. Leave to infuse in the refrigerator for at least two hours.
Sparkling fruit juice: Mix 1 third fruit juice with 2 thirds sparkling water. Add a little lemon juice to give the drink a fresh kick.
Fruit yoghurts with added sugar
Fruit yoghurts with no added sugar, sweetened with fruit puree
Plain yoghurt mixed with:unsweetened fruit puréeberries or sliced fruita mashed banana
Briefly toast unsweetened cereal flakes with nuts or seeds in a pan with no oil until they turn golden brown. Toasting intensifies the flavour.
Mix granola with unsweetened oats, nuts, and seeds.
Chocolate spread
Jams and jellies
Choose fruit spreads with high fruit content and thus less sugar.
Cakes and desserts
For baking recipes, you can leave out up to a quarter of the sugar, and even more for other desserts.
Tip: a small pinch of salt in sweet foods enhances your perception of sweetness.
Alternatives with less sugar
You'll find more tips about sugar in our guides. Find out, for example, how to identify sugar in food and read tips on dealing with sweet foods.