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Tips for dealing with sweets

We get almost half of the sugar we consume from sweets. However, it's perfectly fine to eat sweets now and then as part of a healthy, balanced diet. Are you unsure how many sweets you eat in a day? It's best not to eat more than one sweet thing per day. This includes soft drinks and chocolate spreads.
The following tips can help you to keep the amounts in a healthy range:
  • Consciously plan in sweets and eat these in peace and enjoy them.
  • Don't reach for sweets out of frustration or for comfort.
  • Eat sweets after a meal and not as snacks.
  • Be sure to take just one portion of anything sweet and close the packaging afterwards.
  • Store sweets in a closed cupboard so that they are not always in sight. Getting them out should require some effort.

Sweets as comfort food?

Woman eating a chocolate cereal bar.
The next time you reach for sweets, have a think about why you're doing it. We often go straight for sweets for comfort, out of frustration or to help manage stress. But do you really feel better afterwards? Perhaps you can find another way to do yourself some good, like going for a walk, having a short meditation or yoga session or calling a loved one.

Healthy alternatives to sweets

Two bowls containing blueberries and fresh strawberries.
If you're craving something sweet, think about whether a tasty alternative to sweets is an option. Fresh berries, plain yoghurt with a banana, a small portion of Bircher muesli or a few nuts can satisfy a craving for something sweet. What's more, they also provide your body with valuable nutrients. You can find more information about reducing sugar in everyday life in our guides.