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Product improvement at Coop

We review our own-label brands on a continual basis and improve the recipes. Under a series of voluntary pledges since 2009, we have improved the salt and sugar content of various product groups and also the quality of the fats they contain.

Among others, we have successfully fulfilled our pledge to:
  • Switch to oils of high nutritional value in fresh convenience foods
  • Reduce the sugar content of fruit quark and petit suisse
  • Reduce the salt in Coop fresh bread products
  • Reduce the salt in frozen potato side dishes
  • Reduce the sugar in yoghurts and fresh desserts
  • Reduce the salt in fresh convenience foods

Reducing sugar

In the context of the Swiss Nutrition Policy action plan and the Milan Declaration, at Coop we are constantly working to reduce the sugar content in different lines. Sugar content is reduced gradually and reviewed by the Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office (FSVO). Since 2015, we have reduced the sugar content in our yoghurts by around 15 per cent. Our breakfast cereals now contain a quarter less sugar.
We have set further reduction targets to be met by the end of 2024
  • To reduce sugar in yoghurts by a further 10 per cent and that in breakfast cereals by a further 15 per cent
  • To reduce sugar in soft drinks by 10 per cent
  • To reduce sugar in quark by 10 per cent
  • To reduce sugar in mixed milk beverages by 10 per cent
Naturaplan fruit yoghurts with no added sugar
In addition, we regularly launch products without any added sugar. These include Bircher muesli, muesli mixes, porridge, milk alternatives and beverages. Since 2018, fruit yoghurts with no added sugar have been available under the Naturaplan label – these are sweetened only with fruit puree. We also have a wide range of flavoured beverages containing very little or no sugar.

Further requirements on Coop own-label brands

Coop avoids using controversial ingredients, additives and manufacturing processes. Partially hydrogenated fats are not permitted in Coop own-label brands, for example, as partial hydrogenation leads to the formation of trans fatty acids. These, in turn, can have a negative impact on health. Irradiated ingredients are also prohibited in Coop own-label brands. In addition, Coop is committed to the responsible and appropriate use of additives. We avoid using controversial or aluminium-containing additives and synthetic colours. You can find more on additives in the Shopping and storage section.