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Buy vegeterian and vegan products at Coop

The terms "vegetarian" and "vegan" are regulated by law in Switzerland. There are precise specifications about the ingredients that vegan or vegetarian products may contain.

Vegetarian products may not contain any ingredients or processing aids of animal origin, with the exception of dairy, egg and bee products (honey/wax) and wool grease (from living sheep). On the other hand, vegan products must be completely free from all ingredients and processing aids of animal origin. From vegetarian meat substitute products to plant-based drinks: discover a diverse range of vegetarian and vegan products in our online shop!

Vegetarian products

Vegan products

What does Swissveg V-Label certified mean?

All Coop own-label brands displayed as vegetarian or vegan are marked with the official V-Label, which is awarded by Swissveg in Switzerland. The criteria of the V-Label are stricter than the legal requirements.
The manufacturer guarantees that the own-label brand products displayed are vegetarian or vegan.
Products that are vegan or vegetarian by nature – such as oats, unprocessed vegetables or mineral water – are not displayed here.