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Our plant-based brands for milk and cheese substitutes

Coop stocks over 50 plant-based milk alternatives, 30 yoghurt alternatives and around 20 cheese alternatives. Our plant-based range includes our own-label brand Karma with a large selection of naturally vegan products. We also carry a variety of popular brands of plant-based substitute products like New Roots.


Under our own-label brand Karma, we offer a variety of foods that are vegetarian and vegan by nature. We have over ten milk alternatives based on soya, rice, almonds, coconut, cashews or oats in our range. Each product has a slightly different flavour and different benefits. There is also a large selection of yoghurts based on soya, coconut or chickpeas. And Karma's vegapone is a vegan alternative to mascarpone.
Karma products are certified with the V-Label from Swissveg, and many of these foods are labelled with the Bio Suisse Bud. By the summer of 2023, Coop will be the first Swiss retailer to switch all oat drinks to Swiss production and Bio Bud certified oats.


Alpro is a pioneer in plant-based nutrition. This Belgian company launched its first plant-based food product for people with special dietary requirements 40 years ago.
Today, Alpro offers a wide range of delicious plant-based drinks, yoghurt alternatives, cooking creams and desserts – based on soya beans, coconuts, almonds, hazelnuts, rice or oats.
Alpro’s plant-based products have a naturally low CO2 and water footprint as the company uses European oats and Mediterranean almonds and soya.


Beleaf it or not: from Emmi, yet not made with milk.
Emmi stands for Swiss quality, passion and tradition. And because Emmi believes that plant-based foods are part of a better future, beleaf was created to express these values in delicious plant-based products.
The focus is always on local sourcing of raw materials (100% IP-Suisse oats) and the manufacture of all products in Switzerland. From oat milk and yoghurts to crème fraîche and cheese – a diverse range for your plant-based dairy moment.

New Roots

The innovative company New Roots is the first vegan dairy in Switzerland and offers plant-based yoghurt and cheese alternatives that not only look like yoghurt and cheese, but taste just like them too. New Roots products are organic, made by hand in Switzerland and fermented using traditional methods. All products are naturally lactose- and cholesterol-free and easy to digest.
New Roots was founded in 2015 by two vegans and is considered a pioneer of vegan cheese in Switzerland. In addition to several Swiss and Peta Vegan Food Awards and the Swiss Economic Award, New Roots has also won the World Plant-Based Award for Best Plant-Based Business.
Today, there are vegan alternatives to cheese, crème fraîche, yoghurt, fondue and raclette from New Roots – everything you would get from a dairy creamery, just vegan!


Oatly is the first and largest oat drink company in the world. For over 25 years, it has been focused on building expertise and innovation around oats, a power food that is not only sustainable but also healthy. The Swedish company offers a wide range of oat drinks, plant-based alternatives to ice cream, as well as cooking products and spreads.
For several years now, Oatly has communicated the carbon footprint of each product transparently on its packaging and is working to ensure that other food manufacturers follow this example so that consumers can make more sustainable purchasing decisions.

Simply V

Cheese alternatives from Simply V offer the typical taste of cheese but are plant-based. The brand offers the very products that are at the top of the popularity scale. Gourmet spreads and slices, planted-based gourmet grated products, gourmet pasta cheese and white cheese provide plenty of variety and versatility.
It's no wonder that Simply V products win awards again and again, from consumers and experts alike. Made with almonds and a few other ingredients, they make sustainable enjoyment easy: a delicious contribution to positively shaping the future.


Violife stands for delicious, diverse cheese substitutes with no animal-based ingredients. The plant-based cheese alternative is free from lactose, gluten, nuts, soy and preservatives. The melt-in-the-mouth, creamy or slightly spicy Violife cheese substitutes have received the award for best vegan “cheese” on multiple occasions.
With more than 30 years of experience in the development and manufacturing of vegan products, Violife is a world leader with a global presence. At Coop, you can, for example, find Greek White, a plant-based alternative to feta and Grated Mozzarella Flavour, a mozzarella substitute that will transform your pizza into a vegan delight.

Andros Gourmand & Végétal

At Gourmand & Végétal, the name says it all. With this innovative brand, Andros offers a delicious plant-based alternative for all connoisseurs. Whether chocolate mousse, coconut rice or Coupe Chantilly: the delicious coconut or almond-based dessert classics are a real treat in every respect.
Andros believes that everyone should enjoy delicious products. That's why Andros Gourmand & Végétal products are naturally dairy-free alternatives. Rich coconut milk is a smooth, plant-based alternative that is so delicious and creamy that giving up milk doesn't feel like a compromise. Lactose-free and also without preservatives, but enriched with lots of calcium – for even more flavour.