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Popular plant-based brands

At Coop, you’ll find a plant-based substitute product for every occasion. These products do not contain meat, fish, milk, eggs, honey or any other ingredient of animal origin.
Coop stocks the plant-based substitute products of many known brands.

Our plant-based selection is constantly growing

Coop’s supermarkets currently stock over 1 800 products with the vegan label, including over 100 meat and fish substitute products as well as many milk, yoghurt and cheese alternatives, with more being added all the time.
In many instances, we were the first, exclusive retailer to bring these innovative vegan brands to Swiss supermarket shelves. Coop has also been marketing naturally vegetarian and vegan products under its own brands since 2013.

Plant-based substitute products: why not?

We offer you tasty alternatives to animal-based products. YOLO provides a delicious selection of meat substitutes such as cold cuts, sausages and schnitzels and a wide range of plant-based alternatives for everything from fish to cream cheese to enjoy at home. Frozen products, ready meals and convenience products such as sandwiches, muesli and salads perfectly complement the YOLO range.