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Demeter is an organic brand with strict requirements. Certification guarantees that the food is produced in accordance with the guidelines for biodynamic agriculture. Many of our Naturaplan products bear the Demeter quality label as well as the Bio Suisse bud.

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Demeter added value

Every Demeter product is the result of biodynamic agriculture and the careful processing of raw materials in accordance with the Demeter guidelines. This consistently strengthens the soil, plants, animals and people. Demeter added value:
  • Promotion of soil fertility thanks to own compost culture and biodynamic compounds
  • Locally adapted plant cultivation for greater vitality and species diversity
  • Animal welfare thanks to natural husbandry and species-appropriate feed
  • Very gentle processing for top-quality food
  • Adherence to specific social standards

Strict requirements for Demeter

The Swiss Demeter guidelines go far beyond the minimum legal requirements of the federal government and the EU for organic products. Compliance is monitored annually by the independent certification body Bio Inspecta.
A few examples:
  • No dehorning of cattle
  • No use of synthetic chemical agents or artificial fertilizers
  • No use of colourings or flavourings
  • Very gentle processing: for example, no homogenization of milk