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FSC® – for the preservation of our forests

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is a non-profit organization whose certification guarantees environmentally, socially and economically responsible forestry. We rely on wood and paper from sustainable forestry for our range and our packaging.

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Long-term partnerships

We are cofounders and have been a member of FSC Switzerland from the outset. As a partner of the WWF Global Forest and Trade Network, we promote the FSC quality label and are currently the market leader in FSC-certified products. And we will remain so in the future thanks to our many product innovations.

Extensive wood and paper range

Over two-thirds of our wood range complies with the FSC criteria – and this includes 100% of the wood products from our Oecoplan own-label brands. Thanks to Oecoplan, there is always an FSC-certified, recycled alternative for paper products for the home, kitchen and office. All our milk and drink cartons are also FSC-certified.

Strict monitoring from the forest to the shelves

The FSC standard is based on ten overarching principles that apply to all countries. They are used worldwide for the management of forests. Traceability must be guaranteed through every step of the production process – from the forest right through to the sales outlet. Adherence to the guidelines is monitored by independent bodies.