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Our philosophy

Our grass-fed dairy products and cheese are made using traditional dairy farming methods in harmony with nature and animals.
Grass-fed cows are reared without silage feed and are also free to roam extensively in the fresh air: in summer they graze on lush pastures while in winter they are fed on sun-dried hay gathered from top-quality grasses and herbs. Rich in important nutrients, this fresh feed provides the cows with energy.
Pastures are home to almost 1,000 different types of grass and herbs. You can taste the freshness of the natural feed: grass-fed dairy products and cheese are high-quality, pure and completely natural products featuring the full flavour of the very best milk. Since the livestock are not fed on silage, grass-fed milk can be processed with care into tangy cheese or creamy yoghurt in a natural way using traditional recipes without added preservatives and without intensive mechanical processing. Grass-fed milk is a high-quality raw good which is perfect for producing cheese specialities that are matured for longer. Since the livestock only consume natural feed, grass-fed milk also contains considerably more healthy omega-3 fatty acids than conventional milk.

Our love of nature

Farmers of grass-fed livestock have joined forces with commercial cheese-makers and dairies to form the Heumilch Schweiz association. They use one of the most ancient methods to produce and process milk, and are thus helping to preserve a Swiss farming tradition. The members have defined standards for animal welfare, biodiversity and production.

The Heumilch quality label guarantees:

High animal welfare standards

  • No silage
  • Livestock are fed on roughage in harmony with the seasons: in summer grass-fed cows consume fresh grass and herbs. In winter they are fed on hay and supplementary coarse grains which are rich in minerals.
  • Regular outdoor exercise
In summer grass-fed cows spend at least 26 days at pasture and have access to an outside yard where they can move about all year round.


  • Sustainable use of grassland areas
  • Preservation of biodiversity and resources

Natural products

  • Dairy products and cheese made naturally without added preservatives and without intensive mechanical processing
  • More healthy omega-3 fatty acids than in conventional milk