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Hochstamm Suisse – Swiss fruit

The Hochstamm Suisse quality label guarantees that only fruit from standard Swiss fruit trees is used. This ensures that products incredibly natural and flavoursome. We sell lots of delicious food bearing the Hochstamm quality label.

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Tradition that’s worth keeping

There are currently only around 2.3 million standard fruit trees in Switzerland – the number has decreased dramatically by more than 80 % in the last 50 years. Thanks to our joint efforts with Hochstamm Suisse, the number of these proud trees is now once again on the rise. Producers are obliged to pay a fair price for the fruit from these trees. This is used to reimburse dedicated farmers for the additional work involved in caring for the trees and harvesting the fruit.

Natural fruit full of flavour

The fruit from standard fruit trees is a high-quality natural product. Heritage apple and pear varieties have a higher acidity and sugar content than modern-day dessert fruit. The must they produce therefore has a more varied and intense taste. Traditional varieties of cherry and plum from standard fruit trees are a little smaller than fruit produced by intensive fruit farming. Not only do they taste fresh from the tree, but they are also ideal for flans and as ingredients in yoghurts and jams.

Clear guidelines, strict controls

Products bearing the Hochstamm Suisse quality label must satisfy the following standards:
  • Swiss fruit from sustainable farming
  • Standard fruit trees measuring at least 1.6 m tall, or 1.2 m for stone fruit and most heritage or traditional varieties
  • Hochstamm bonus as compensation for the additional work involved in caring for the trees and harvesting the fruit
  • New planting of standard fruit trees
Independent inspection bodies guarantee that harvesting and processing take place separately and that the guidelines are met.

Wide range

Around 150 products in our supermarkets currently bear the Hochstamm Suisse quality label. These include all Qualité & Prix apple juices, Betty Bossi tarts, and Fine Food yoghurts and jams. We are constantly developing new products using fruit from standard fruit trees and are endeavouring to switch existing products to this fruit as well. By purchasing Hochstamm products, you are supporting farmers who are committed to preserving standard fruit trees.