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Our ambition with JaMaDu

JaMaDu is a comprehensive range aimed at encouraging children to follow a healthy lifestyle with lots of fun and games.

Nutrition and health

Dieticians and sensory specialists are involved at the development stage to ensure that JaMaDu food products support a balanced diet and appeal to kids. JaMaDu products comply with strict requirements regarding their composition, which is geared to the specific needs of young children.

Exercise and fun

JaMaDu is supposed to be fun, so we advocate an active lifestyle for kids with sports and games, children’s concerts and family events that are sure to excite and delight your child.

Principles of JaMaDu products

JaMaDu products meet all of these requirements, yet we still offer them at attractive prices.
Regular fruit and vegetables
JaMaDu products should make fruit and vegetables appealing to kids and thus help them to get their recommended five a day.
Dairy products every day
JaMaDu encourages kids to enjoy the recommended three portions of dairy products a day. The calcium contained in milk is essential for growth and the development of young bones.
Lots of wholemeal products
Wherever possible, we use wholemeal flour in JaMaDu products.
Minimal sugar, no artificial sweeteners
Sugar content is kept as low as possible – taking into account sensory and technical aspects so that the taste still appeals to kids and adults. Artificial sweeteners are not used.
High-quality fats, minimal salt
Fat and salt are also used as sparingly as possible, while continuing to bear in mind sensory and technical aspects. We prefer to use high-quality fats and oils such as rapeseed oil, olive oil and butter for JaMaDu products.
No colourants or flavour enhancers
We avoid using additives wherever possible. They may only be used if necessary for technical reasons or product safety. Flavour enhancers and colourants are not permitted in JaMaDu products.
Suitable portion sizes
JaMaDu is tailored to the needs of children. The portion sizes are therefore aimed at kids aged 4–9.