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MSC: for sustainable wild catch

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is an independent, non-profit organization. Its well-known blue MSC label identifies products as coming from sustainable and responsible fisheries. The programme also guarantees traceable supply chains from the ocean to our supermarkets.

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For the future of our fish and oceans

The protection of the oceans and the associated sustainable fishing are very important to us. As a result, we have been supporting the MSC organization since 2000, and 63 % of our fish and seafood now comes from MSC-certified sources.
As a founding member of the WWF Seafood Group, we also have our entire range of fish and seafood audited each year by the WWF, and take action where necessary. This guarantees that our entire range comes from sustainable sources, whether fresh, frozen, canned or in restaurants.

MSC standards for sustainable wild catch

The MSC label guarantees the following added value:
  • Protection of fish stocks
The fishery ensures that there is sufficient fish for the future. It also ensures that the age and gender distribution of the stocks is maintained.
  • Minimal impact on the ecosystem
The fishery minimizes its impact on the ecosystem and takes other marine life into account. The impact of the fishing gear on the seabed and by-catch is also considered.
  • Responsible and effective management
The fishery is managed in such a way that it can respond appropriately and quickly to changes in framework conditions. It observes relevant local and national legislation and adheres to international agreements.